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[image 1/DSC00140/JPG]

My Box!

[image 2/DSC00147/JPG]

Be glad when kissmas is over.

[image 3/DSC00148/JPG]

Am I grumpy?

[image 4/DSC00378/JPG]

You can't see me cos i'm hiding in a box.

[image 5/DSC00494/JPG]

All de blood is rushing to my 'ead

[image 6/DSC00952/JPG]

Grumpy old git...

[image 7/DSC00999/JPG]

I will sleeeep anywhere.

[image 8/DSC02249/JPG]

Could not find box, so bag will do.

[image 9/DSC03794/JPG]

Good job someone put clothes on this radiator cos I would have burnt my tootsies.

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